BulScore Automated scoring system.

Taekwondo is a style of life. This is the art of self-defense. The term “Taekwondo” includes a style of thinking and a way of life based on high moral, behavioral concepts and spirit of self-discipline.

BulScore is a heterogeneous software and hardware system, developed in collaboration with Bulgarian Taekwo-Do Association for easy management and recording the judges activity during Taekwondo competitions. It is consistent with the requirements established in this area. The system provides the ability to manage running of three types of competitions: sparring, traditional sparring and pattern. Each of the games can be individual or team.

The program facilitates the work of judges during the Taekwondo competitions by providing convenient way for recording scores and displaying the results on public TV set or projector. The software can record and track the details about competition and judges activities.

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